Jerkfest 2016

Jerkfest 2016

By Immaculate Nyaigoti, Marketing Intern

Jerkfest 1

Boston JerkFest: Providing a unique and memorable experience of Caribbean culture, and food.

The summer heat has been brutal this year, so you know that you’re somewhere great when the heat is far from your mind. On June 25th, I had the opportunity to go to Boston JerkFest and deliver produce for the chef demos/cook offs as well as table for World Farmers.  

As I pulled up to the event, I was instantly captivated.  The live band was jamming out on stage; there were booths all over with cultural trinkets/objects, and such a wide variety on the types of vendors present. On either side of the “Spice Lane”, the restaurant/food vendors were getting their booths ready to go with drinks, sauces, appetizers all the way to desserts. The tantalizing aroma almost had me forgetting that I wasn’t there just to eat; I must say though, that the food, especially the Rum Cake, was to die for. I had to remind myself that the reason I was there was to promote the fresh wholesome ethnic vegetables produced at the Flats Mentor by Immigrant and Refugee farmers.

Jerkfest 2

After getting all the vegetables evenly separated for the Chef Demos/Cook-Offs, and getting the table for World Farmers set, next to Vermont Chevon, I got to enjoy a front row seat for the SEAFOOD THROWDOWN!

From the start, Emcee Rose Arruda had the stage set for this battle between returning champion Chef Mills of KTW,  and Chef Marie-Claude Mendy of Teranga Restaurant. The audience members were actively participating in order to win a ticket to be able to sample one of the chefs jerk dishes. One lucky person got to join Boston City Councilor Tito Jackson and Shawn Saindon of Browne Trading Co. on the judges table. Though I was not on the judges table, I did get to sample both dishes. I was amazed at how both chefs were able to begin with similar ingredients, yet come out with two completely different, unique and delicious dishes.

Being able to be a part of such a great atmosphere, seeing/tasting the amazing ways jerk can be used, and meeting the many wonderful people at the event was an unforgettable experience! I would like to thank the Williams Agency for putting on the 4th annual Boston JerkFest and inviting us to participate.

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