Bob’s Turkey Farm Fire

Bob’s Turkey Farm Fire

By Julia Wachtel, Nashoba Regional High School Summer Intern

The World Farmers community wants to extend its sympathies to Richard Van Hoof and Susan Miner, for their recent loss. On June 30th they were struck by tragedy as 7,000 baby turkeys were killed in a barn fire at Bob’s Turkey Farm in Lancaster, MA. Luckily there was no humans harmed, however, all the upcoming Thanksgiving turkeys have now been lost, severely cutting the sales of the turkey farm.

Around 6 p.m. a fire started in one of the larger barns where the newborns were held. By the time the police were informed of the fire, the barn was already down in flames. Family owners described the catastrophe as “a personal loss and a business loss.”

Thankfully the farm has received a large amount of community support and have been trying to rebuild from the debris. To help raise funds and get the farm back on it’s feet, you may donate by contributing to a bank account at Clinton’s Saving Bank called the “raise the barn fund”

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