US Ambassador to Somalia's Visit to our Office

Last Thursday US Ambassador to Somalia visited Lewiston, he visited our office for the hour in his day long visit to the City, it was great honor to have an honest discussion about the situation in our country and how our people are suffering in our motherland. Every day we are hearing people die of cholera, malnutrition, and violence, we could not go back and help them directly, we could only send some donated money. last Saturday I traveled to Springfield Mass as I was leaving Lewiston there were 6 funerals from Back home Somalia, When I reached Springfield there was another 3 funerals, because our people are dying like that and the humanitarians organizations were denied to reach them because of odd political reasons. I am glad I voiced my concern to such important person (Ambassador).

~ Muhidin Libah, Executive Director | Somali Bantu Community Association of Lewiston/Auburn Maine