We wanted to Thank you for participating in our 2017 Flats Mentor Farm CSA! 

We would love to hear from you!

We are excited that our 2017 season when off with out a hitch and hope you would be will to share you experience with us! What did you think of our CSA? Did you take any pictures of any of the dishes you made with our crops? Are you interested in hosting a pick-up location next summer? Please fill us in below.


2017 CSA Newletters

During the 2017 season we sent out newsletters to all of our CSA members. They consisted of information about our farmers, big events, recipes for some of the crops that were included in your weekly CSA and much more!

For more information, check out our crop resource page to identify your produce (there are pictures!), learn about their cultural roots & health benefits, and get links to recipes we love.

Interested in a CSA in 2018?

Pick up locations for our 2018 CSA have yet to be determined.
If you are interested in purchasing a CSA or hosting a pick-up location in the summer of 2018, please contact us!

What would be in my CSA?

Shares change from week to week, but will include a seasonal mix of all our best produce.

Each share will be packed with the same quantity and quality, though in this effort to support beginning small growers, the weekly contents of your shares may differ from your neighbor's.

Given the rich number of cultures at Flats Mentor Farm, our CSA will feature a different ethnic crop each week, in addition to your standard local CSA fare. Crops featured range from East African amaranth to Vietnamese water spinach. Each featured crop will come with a description of the crop, and a suggested recipe to try at home.We offer this CSA to support farmers at all levels, and we need your share to do it!

Check out some examples of what your CSA box might look like!