Our Impact

For the past 30 years, beginning immigrant and refugee farmers have participated in the FMF program solely through farmer to farmer word of mouth, the ethnic make-up has changed over the years; for example in the mid-nineties there were over 140 Hmong families and only 2 African Immigrant farmers. Today there are only 16 Hmong farmers and over 200 African and other immigrant and refugee farmers at FMF. Over the past 30 years many immigrant and refugee farmers and their families have participated in the mentoring program providing training and technical assistance and mentoring training to more than 1,200 beginning farmers. In the mentoring cycle of 5 years of support; the participants have the gain the capacity to purchase or lease their own farms and to become part of new farmer community in the United States. To date, 30 % of participants have achieved this long-term goal, of whom over 60% are women and have established their own operations in different parts of the USA, (NC, CA, MS, and WI). In addition, in 1999 FMF was identified as a national model by USDA and has served as a model for many national beginning farmer programs nationally.

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